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I have been roasting single origin coffee since the late 1980s. It all began in a mountainous, remote region  in Panama where I learned to roast on an old cast iron skillet - over an open fire, no less. I roasted, ground and poured coffee in the shade of coffee bushes at high altitude. I was completely transformed by this humble coffee experience, firmly cementing my desire to pursue roasting as an art form. I have been roasting single origin coffee long before there was a marketing term for it. It was in those years of living in Panama, Costa Rica and Peru where I learned to appreciate the time and effort coffee farmers devoted to their crops in the hopes that an experienced and caring coffee roaster would reveal the complex taste of the bean. As a farmer's daughter, I found the farm to coffee grinder process familiar and  oh so deep.


As coffee forums began to surface, I posted with vigor and shared my growing vintage lever espresso collection and took notes from other home roasters.  Invitations to attend and write articles for coffee events, such as the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and various coffee related websites began to make their way to my inbox. And while my roasts were making Italians weepy eyed with memories of home and friends who couldn't live without my beans in their coffee grinder, I still saw myself as a home roaster. It wasn't until I demoed a commercial coffee company, that I saw I had something special to offer. I knew that my past work in music and aromatics would hold my craft roasting that I had so long coveted as an amateur. It would keep me roasting on the soul side.

Because Its Time For Women Roasters

Why Another Roaster?

It was lonely when I started roasting in the late 1980s, not only because coffee forums didn't exist to share ideas and compare roasts but also because I had never met other woman roasters. And I'm still looking for my tribe. Coffee has been a male dominated industry with few women roasting or even invited to the bro' fest. 

Soulside Coffee is on a mission to change the coffee front, to shake up the coffee roasting industry lock down by being the female face of roasting and producing superior hand crafted, small batch coffee the way I've always done, finding women grown coffee farms and and inviting women to the coffee party. We dig progressive dudes too.


Pouring Coffee
The Full Circle Ethical Conversation


Ethical coffee sometimes feels like a meaningless label to me in an effort to up sell a product much like organic labeling with food or cosmetics. When I think of the word ethical, I think full circle ethical evolution. Much like the male dominated food industry, women have been excluded in the coffee industry for too long. As an aromatherapist who works with raw material and texture and smell, and who roasts pretty much the same way, I see female exclusion as a deeply missed opportunity. Anotherwords, if everybody ain't invited, it ain't a real party. Soulside Coffee is all about the full circleness of coffee: farm to coffee grinder: caring about the farmer, the craft of the roast and finally, what lands in your cup.